Sunday, June 4

A Parenting Survey Question....,

Please list the three most stressful/traumatic events that occurred in your life in the past year, and rate each on the following scales.

well, 18 months ago we moved across country with a 6 wk old and a 2 year old. Adjusting to that took a lot of time - I'd say we had really adjusted by about Christmas of this past year. Then my youngest went on a sleep strike about a year ago - she REFUSED to sleep unless she was being held and rock or walked. My husband and I took shifts until it became unbarable for the whole house. We then had to let her 'cry it out' -- OH - that was hard. And in between all of that was the fear that our youngest had a severe congenital birth defect or syndrome (turns out its VERY minor). Add to that fevers, colds, bumps and bruises - oh yeah and TWO - not one but TWO trips to the emergancy room on poison scares (both false alarms). OK - so maybe we've just been living in a state of stress for months and months. But in the past 8 weeks - all has been calm and happy. I think our girls have reached a more manageable age (20 months & 3 years) and life is just easier now.

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