Saturday, June 30

Life's about changin..., Nothin' ever stays the same


It's been a few years since I left work and the first of our little girls was just months from entering the world. My life changed in unknowable ways then. And still this path holds surprises, twists and turns that I never anticipated.

And now, another change. For me and our family. One that has taken me a long time and a lot of soul searching. The trepidation, worry, fear about the timing of it all has now turned to excitement and anticipation.

We've made the arrangements. Found a preschool and child care, bought a new wardrobe, reworked my resume and practiced my interview skills. Wow - I'm really going to do this.

I'm going back to work!


Tuesday, June 26

Bed Head....,


Those glazed-over eyes and that rumpled, wispy hair could only mean one thing.

Nap time has just ended - a little too soon.


Thursday, June 21


"Grandpa, I really like you're hair," said with all the innocence of a four year old.

"What?" and he scooped her up as she erupted into little girl giggles ....,

Aren't Grandpas GREAT!!


Friday, June 15

The List - by DaMomma


21 things I wish someone had told me before I had kids:
By DaMomma

21) Take the drugs.

20) About half of what you do the first year, you'll look back on and laugh. The other half will make you so screamingly proud of yourself, you'll breathe funny when you think about it. The bad news is, it is impossible to tell at the time which half is which. So stick to your guns.

19) Birth is the sprint that comprises Day One. The marathon begins on Day Two. The marathon is the important part.

18) When it's 3 in the morning and baby's crying and you're asking the Universe what the hell kind of joke it is to make procreation so easy that any idiot can get herself here, remember that you'll wake up tomorrow and she'll be 30 and this will be all over.

17) Guilt is inevitable. So don't waste too much time picking which things to feel guilty about — bottle-feeding, or daycare, or sugar, or whatever. Save your strength. Do what you gotta do and know you'll feel guilty no matter what.

16) Don't buy the wipes warmer.

15) You can't teach values you don't have. If you want your child to eat well, say "please" and "thank you," and stand up for herself, you better do the same.

14) When you fly in a plane, buy your kid a seat. Never ever ever ever ever fly her in your lap.

13) Let her play in mud puddles.

12) Let her pick her own outfits.

11) Out-of-control kids aren't the victims of parents who didn't spank, or don't care, or voted the wrong way in 2000. A major cause of badly-behaved kids is lazy parenting — you'll discover this the week the bills are late, work's a hassle, you have a fight with your husband and on top of everything, Little Precious has become a holy terror over night. That's your cue to re-engage: if you want your kid to behave, pay attention to her and be consistent in your response to her actions.

10) But don't hover.

9) There are no diaper pails that contain odor. Lies, all lies!

8) If your kid is sitting happily in her high chair picking her nose and staring at the ceiling do not — under any circumstances — take that opportunity to drill her on her ABC's. Don't ask her her colors or insist that she give "Twinkle, twinkle" another run-through. Just leave her alone. Picking her nose and staring at the ceiling has its developmental value, too.

7) Insist that she respect you. If she can't respect her mother, what the hell can she respect?

6) Sleep when the baby sleeps. And go ahead and cry when she cries.

5) Teach her that her body is hers and she has the right to say "no" — never make her hug someone she doesn't want to hug. Don't let anyone kiss her if she doesn't want to be kissed. Not even your mother. If you don't think you can stand to tell your mother this, see item 15.

4) Ask for help. Ask for help. Ask for help.

3) Ignore the old cow in the market who scowls because your daughter is wearing lipstick, a feather boa, and snow boots and not much else. But get some good friends — parents you respect — who'll tell you when you're wrong. Because sometimes you will be.

2) There are as many correct ways to raise children as there are children. She won't be perfect. You're not perfect. You're spectacularly good enough. She will be, too.

1) There is no finish line.


Tuesday, June 12

Cool New Stuff


I just added a new feature to our sidebar - a cool slide show with family pics! Very fun. Enjoy!


Thursday, June 7

Overheard at Rubios...,


"Mommy, there's a girl in here," Rachel says looking over at the register.

"Yes there is," I reply matter of factly.

Speaking pretty loudly she says, "She doesn't have a penis. Only boys have a penis. She doesn't have one."

"Nope, your right. She doesn't have a penis."

"PENIS!" Rachel exclaims.

"Penis?" Alex asks.


and the alternating chant begins,





"UH, Hey! Girls, where do you want to go after dinner?"

They stop the chant and look at me blankly as I hear all the tables around us snickering and giggling.


Tuesday, June 5

Lesson of the Day...,


No matter how tired you are, how sick you feel, don't - EVER - attempt to ingest nasal spray while lying down.


Sunday, June 3

26.2 in 4:13 - Daddy Rocks!



Dave did GREAT! He finished all 26.2 miles in just 4 hours and 13 minutes! *G*R*E*A*T* and yes - I 'm VERY proud of him. With just six months of training, less 6 weeks due to injury, little sleep the previous week due to nerves and a virus that he caught from Rachel earlier in the week. He did it!


OK. Now what happened while Dave was running?

Well, before the running even began..., I broke my toe the day before the race (a bad break to the baby toe - OUCH!) and the little virus that Dave caught turned into a monster for me and I lost my voice somewhere during the day of hobbling around town:

First, at 4:30 am, I hobbled with two sleepy little girls to drop Dave off at the starting line. Next, home to shower & dress, eat breakfast with the girls, and then rush to Crown Point (mile 19) where - after a mad dash for parking and a run while pushing the stroller with a broken toe - we caught him with just 5 minutes to spare.

Lookin' strong at mile 19. Daddy ROCKS!!

Then a mad dash to the trolley in Fashion Valley to catch a ride to the finish line, which is where I'm pretty sure I lost my voice. And this is how:
I handed my bags to a nice woman who offered to help me, set the girls above the steps inside the trolley door and turned to grab the stroller - when I turned around again the TROLLEY DOOR HAD CLOSED!!

I began banging on the door, yelling only to hear a loud speaker telling everyone to clear the doors. "NO!" I screamed. "YOU'VE GOT MY KIDS!!!" and I ran down to the next door which was still open.

But there was no room for me w/ the stroller and there was no way I would have been able to get to my kids through the mass of people. I was SERIOUSLY PANICKED!! "STOP!! MY KIDS ARE DOWN THERE!!"

I looked back again to see the other door where the girls were had opened again and ran, hauling the folded stroller, faster than you can imagine and hurled it into the doorway just before it closed again. The WONDERFUL woman who had been helping me had pushed the emergency button - FINALLY.

I stepped over the stroller, hauling it up the steps behind me, shaking and teary eyed behind my sunglasses - but smiled at my girls and said, "Wow. Mommy was scared you were going to leave without her." I then turned to the people around me and said, breathlessly, "You read about parents like me in the paper." And that sparked a discussion about how quickly it all happened and how rude the security guard was when he finally came back to check on what the emergency was. They were all very kind and helpful. That's about the time I realized the additional damage I had done to the already broken and now THROBBING toe.
Next, we tried to grab a cab instead of getting on another trolley but the cabbies didn't want a fare that was headed anywhere near the marathon finish line traffic and all strongly suggested that I take the connecting trolley. Which we did.

Then we had to walk, me, with my broken toe, voiceless, pushing the girls about a mile through the crowds to the finish line. Where we searched, and searched, and searched trying to reach Dave through choppy analog cell service until finally the call went through and he said, "I'm two feet behind you. Turn around."

He was exhausted, his knee was hurting, his feet were throbbing, he was sweaty and wet, but he looked beautiful standing there with the Finisher medal hanging around his neck.

I am sooooooo proud him, the girls were excited to see him and it was all worth it. (except that part about almost losing my girls on the trolley)


OK - back to Dave. He said it was all going pretty well until just after we saw him at mile 19 and then he hit a serious wall. He said there were a couple times that he started to tear up, wondering where in the world he was going to get the strength to take another step. But he did - he kept on going and he did it. Can you believe it - (OK, of course you can, it's Dave we're talkin' about after all.)

His first marathon in 4:13. How great is that?!?!


The girls were golden most of the day. Staying close and listening - I couldn't have asked for more. They hit a wall in the last few hours of the day. It seems that getting up at 4:30 am to drive Daddy to the starting line was tough on the little ones near the end of the day.


As for me? I'm going to drink a little lemon tea for my throat and then go lay down and ice my toe. Dave's taking the girls out for pizza.

Gotta love that man!!

Oh wait - he's not done yet. He's off tonight on the red-eye to Wisconsin for a week's long business trip. He's leaving now - for a week. Wait! That means I'm home for a week, broken toe, no voice, two kids...,

hmmm. Notice the smile and relaxed look??

My own little marathon begins now.



Friday, June 1

Rock n' Roll Marathon Update


After 6-months of training, (including a 6-week injury related hiatus) Dave's 1st marathon is just days away. After running 21 miles 2 weeks ago without any lasting physical affect he's proven he can do this - but he is getting a bit nervous. The girls have a little virus and we're doing our best to keep them away from him - but you know how that goes!

Oh yes, and did I mention that after running the marathon Sunday morning he'll be taking the red-eye out that night for a week long biz trip to Wisconsin?? Did I also mention he is a little crazy?? Why did no one told him before now that 26 miles is an INSANE distance to run?