Monday, February 27

An excerpt....,

"She breathes and coos and folds herself into the warmth of breast and abdomen and I stroke her back. I nuzzle her downy head. I smell myself and her -- sweat, milk, sweet baby musk. There is Daddy, and there is sister, and soon there will be a whole wide world. But in the early morning dark it is just us -- I am only her mother and she is only my child, and as I gently brush my lips across her downy head I offer blessing and sanctification. May my kisses be with you always, may the peace of this moment sustain you for a lifetime, may any danger in your path come down mine instead. May this moment exist in your soul and your flesh for all eternity so that you will always know I am your mother and I am with you no matter where you are."

From a great blog called: Motherhood is not for wimps.

Friday, February 24

Kidlet Quips


In the rest room with Alex. She is excited because its a short little potty that she can get onto herself. Once she's done and its my turn I start to sit down and she becomes alarmed saying, "Mommy! No! Don't sit down on that - your bum won't fit!"


Driving down the freeway: "Mommy! Mommy! I saw a bird (digger or INSERT ANYTHING HERE)!!" Alex exclaims from the the safety of her car seat. "Back up so I can see it! Mommy backup!"


Time Escapes Me

Where does the time go.

Blogging is the 'in' thing at the moment and I follow a few (primarily mom-centric blogs) and I'm sometimes amazed at the quality and quantity of the posts. With two little ones in the house where do you blogging moms find the time. And when you do find the time where do you find the brain power?

Tuesday, February 21

Sick little ones

Oh my little noodles are sooo very sick. They've got an unending cold. Mucus and coughing. So very drippy.

Wednesday, February 15

Welcome to our World
Our world is a simple one. Well - as simple as a life with two toddlers can be, but it is comparatively simple.

My husband works at SDSC and has for more than 10 years. I left my career in public relations and now work full time caring for our two incredible little miracles.

We are fortunate not to indulge ourselves in drama.

My husband is amazing. He works hard and is very well respected by his co-workers and superiors.

I think I am amazed at how happy I am with the 'simple' life.

Sunday, February 12

Oh the things they'll say

"Grandpa," Alex smiles sweetly as she cuddles up to her follickly challenge maternal grandfather. "I like your hair," she says sincerely as she rubs his scalp!

Saturday, February 11


"Oh the things we can share....."

First - an entire large jar of vasoline
Second - self-tanning lotion
Third - a tube of Mommy's expensive lipstick

Alex found each one and 'shared' them with her sister. Sharing in Alex's world apparently means smearing all over your baby sister, who is thrilled with the attention of her older sister. Thankfully there was no lasting damage to Rachel, furniture or anything else of value. Though one pair of pajamas bit the dust and Rachel's self-tanning scars will last for at least a week of two. Funny - she now appears to have a birth mark on her right ankle.

You'd think that I would learn NOT too leave these two little explorers alone - but a mom has to take a minute (ok - five!) every now and again. They amaze (& amuse) me with what they can get into while I'm taking that minute or two. I don't get upset because these really are just innocent moments between sisters. They're sharing and playing together, which in my book is far better then bickering and badgering.

The competition (?)

Ok - so here's the thing. I've been reading this great mom-centric blog: MOTHERHOOD IS NOT FOR WIMPS! at and I love it. This woman is so clever and well spoken that I'm a bit intimidated. The stories that she writes about her kids are hystically funny, touching and heartfelt. It's great. But then she is a professional writer so I guess we should expect that from her.

But since I don't think anyone will really read MY blog - I guess I don't have to worry too much about being pithy.

Wednesday, February 8

Day 1

So. Here I am beginning my very own blog. It's the latest trend - journaling on line for all the world to see. A fairly arrogant thought really. With all the junk out there - really - why would the world beat a path to MY virtual door.

Anyway - I'm here because I have two beautiful girls and a wonderful husband and I want to savor the little day-to-day things that make up our lives together. Without the benefit of journaling these little tidbits blur into one long memory less the minutia that makes life so rich.