Sunday, October 11

Back in the saddle


With the kids back in school, their other lessons and activities are getting back into full-swing too. And now that Rachel is five, both girls are taking riding lessons. Oh - and they are loving it...,


Friday, October 9

Amending the record...,


OK - remember "For the Record" ???

Well - let me set that record straight. A little kiss, a little wipe and it disappeared. Yep, it was nothin' but dirt.


Thursday, October 8

She needs a hole in her head....

Rachel's surgery is becoming more real. No longer some nebulous thing that's going to happen some day - off in the future. No longer far enough off that I can leave it in the box, safely on the shelf with all the worries tucked nicely inside.

We've started selecting physicians and facilities, insurance carriers and plans, looking at photos, pouring through internet resources, and making decisions on which procedures and when.

It's the process that keeps me balanced. Going through the necessary steps and staying focused on the details keeps the worries at bay.

Interested in learning more???

Understanding Unilateral Hearing loss:
And the speech banana...,


Our doc;

Wednesday, October 7

Learning the Rules


For a person who isn't much of a rule follower, can someone tell me why I've become a leader of one of the most rule based organizations around?

Yep - I've become a Girl Scout leader. Not once - but twice. One for each of my girls. And, as always, I've learned it's really not about following the rules, so much as it is making the rules work for you. (Just to be clear, this isn't something I'll be teaching the Scouts. They'll figure it out during their teen years - maybe.)

Today we had 14 girls, 8 moms and 3 extra siblings here for a fabulous little initiation ceremony for the new Kindergarten troop. Alex's troop, the first grade Daisies, welcomed Rachel's Kindergarten troop into the the Girls Scouts. During the ceremony, each girl was presented with her new vest. Smiles, giggles and squeals all around. Good times.

After the Girl Scout meeting "officially" ended. We broke out the pizza. juice boxes and wine, and the Moms had just as good of time as the girls. Great group of women, raising a great group of girls.

Life if good.


Monday, October 5

Monday Morning Ramblings


The girls were both extra clingy this morning - snugly until the moment I nudged them off to class. Alex gave me the saddest little look and complained of her tummy hurting. It's so hard to tell. Is she really feeling bad? Is it just a longing for mommy? Is it gas?

As mommies, we just do our best and send them off to school or keep them home based on sometimes nothing more than a mother's hunch - and always wondering, "is this the right decision?" In the end - they survive, we survive and they know that we love them.


Yesterday, Alex and Rachel and I went hiking up Twin Peaks with their little friends and Miss Betty, then came back to our house for lunch. It was great fun - then after nap and crafts, we headed out to check out pianos for Rachel, and then to dinner.

I am constantly amazed at how different my life experience was, and wonder if every generation feels the same. I'm so happy we're able to give them what we do, and that my hubby and I are almost always on the same page, enjoying life together with our girls. Our little family unit - there is no greater gift.

OK - I've got to run. These are just the ramblings of a mad woman on a Monday Morning.


Sunday, October 4



OK - I believe I've reached the saturation point. FaceBook seems to have lost some of it's luster for me. Still peaking every now and then - but it's shimmer has definitely faded.

Back to life and back to blogging.

It's nice to be home again...,