Saturday, September 1


Wow! My kids are going up so fast. (The lament of every mom??) Last night Alex and Rachel made dinner for the first time. Alex made breaded chicken strips, and Rachel mad the salads and yogurt/berry appetizers. A surprise for their daddy's birthversary week. Our big girl Alex, with her large striking brown eyes, is now in fourth grade; beautiful, strong and bright. Freckle-faced Rachel is in third; smart as a whip, artistic and creative, and cute.

Monday, January 9

Tweeting on the Blog


OK - Have I forgotten how to write a reasonable blog post??


Tuning In


To many times I seem to find myself putting my kids off, asking them to wait while I finish this phone call, conversation, email or text.

2012: Tune in.


Sunday, January 8

Colorado Rocky Mountain Sky

I just love the Colorado sky - so much character and color! Earlier this week the girls and I saw what looked like a hurricane in the sky.

It was amazing!! So glad I had my camera handy ;-)


My little bug


Birthday Hugs from Little Ray!!


2012 & Three years from 50


Today I turned 47. Wow that's a big number!

There are several things that I've been meaning to do for the past several years. Things that I know would make me happy, make me a better person, a better mother and wife. But...,

We all have that little word (but) that holds us back from going after what we really (or think we really) want. For me it boils down to a fear of failing. Which is crazy because by definition, not trying at all is the biggest failure there is.

And, if I'm being honest, a bit of laziness too. On this challenge I really need to just suck it up, make up my mind to move and get started.

So what are those things??

1.) Creating, launching, building my portrait photography business.

2.) Getting healthy. Exercise and diet.

Neither of these should be insurmountable. Neither of these are insurmountable. It's just a matter of getting started - starting now.

Words for 2012: Fit & Frugal.

Goals and milestones? I'll get back to you on this by Friday of next week.

Also - I'm reading the Happiness Project, which I hope will help spur me on.


Monday, March 21

Exploring Colorado


We arrived in Colorado more than 6 months ago and have easily survived what everyone is telling us was a 'very mild' winter. Spring seems to be coming our way - early, thankfully. The grass is starting to turn green and the weather is beginning to brighten and warm.

This weekend, the girls and I took an exploratory drive around Boulder County and found wonderful, happy things....,


Absorbing family values...,


Earlier today, the girls and I set out to give boxes of girl scout cookies to the homeless folks down on Pearl Street. On the way Rachel said, "Momma, I know it seems like they don't have anything, but they do have something. They have love - they can love, give love. So they do have something."

It was a day of lots of discussion. Alex asked if people were born homeless and I was about to answer her with all the adult issues of homelessness and its plethora of causes, but I stopped mid-sentence. "Yes, sadly, some babies are born to mommies and daddies who don't have homes." "We're lucky," she said. "We have a home. When we give them the cookies, I hope it makes them happy."


Sunday, March 13

Rachel looses her 1st tooth!!


Little Rachel has FINALLY lost her first tooth. She's been waiting, semi-patiently - for soooo long.

It was quick mommy thinking when Rachel ran in to tell us that she'd lost her tooth and then began to cry when she realized that she'd SWALLOWED it!! (I didn't know people ever actually did that!)

"Rachel, Sweetie, let me see that chocolate egg," I said. "I'll bet you just lost it in that gooey center."

"NO! It's gone, I swallowed it!!"

There was some discussion about waiting until she pooped and searching for it there, but she relented and let me 'search' the chocolate egg. I took the egg ran upstairs and grabbed one of Alex's baby teeth, which, for some unknown reason, the tooth fairy kept giving back to me.

"Found it!" I called, and came downstairs proudly holding 'Rachel's 1st lost tooth.'

Crisis averted, we pulled out the Tooth Fairy pillow and prepared her tooth for pick up. She was over the moon!!


My own private world...,


OK - I've moved my blog to my own private world. My thought and family memoir for our eyes only. At least for now. With Twitter and Facebook, we're public enough. It's nice to have a little it of the cyber world - just for us.