Monday, November 27

The Christmas Photos

The day was Black Friday and we were crazy enough to think that going to the mall for holiday photos on the busiest shopping day of the year was a good idea.

The night before I discovered that we didn't have the obligatory matching ivory colored tights for the girls. (Crisis!) This meant actually going into a kids clothing store to make a purchase BEFORE our 9:30 appointment. I know - you're thinking we must be CRAZY!! And, honestly, I was questioning our sanity a bit myself. Dave never said a word but I could see the fear on his face.

Well, we gave ourselves more than enough time - successfully avoiding a stressful, snappish morning. Surprisingly the line at Children's Place was just 2 deep and buying the tights was a breeze. I even had time to run into Nordy's for a quick make-up refresher (I love those girls at the Lancome counter!!)

The results???

Gotta love Picture People, the Santa at the Mall and especially those miracle workers at the Lancome counter.

Sunday, November 26

Just tired....,

AS a mom - or as a 41 year old mom - I am tired. DH has been on an extended period of long and hard work days, which means he doesn't have the time or energy left to give me a break. Nor should he - he is as tired as I am.

We've been spoiled. Dave has been spoiled with a job that - although challenging - doesn't typically require the amount of hours that similar paying jobs often do. And I'm spoiled because I have a husband who 'gets it.' One who appreciates that it can sometimes be tough to be home with the kids all day and that I need a little down time too. And - his job (typically) gives him the opportunity to be a real family man - give me breaks and be involved with his kids.

I love this about our life.

However, when we are forced to live like so many others - even for a short time - I get TIRED. Dave gets TIRED and we both long for a break. But with both of us needing a break there is no one left to carry the load during said break.


It's during these times that I gain a real appreciation for spouses whose partners work such long hours they aren't able to help and those with obtuse spouses who just don't get it. I am truly amazed by single parents, like my own mom. How in the world do they do it?? I'll bet they're tired 24/7.

OK - so I'll quit my whining and suck it up.


Just one more week and we'll be back to normal!!!

Wednesday, November 22

Giving Thanks

Wednesday, November 21, 2006

We’re hosting Thanksgiving for the second time and this year I'm starting a new tradition. Something that I hope will resonate with Rachel and Alex over time. We're putting together a list of some of the things that we’re grateful for and I'm going to put them into a Thanksgiving book that we can add to every year. I’m hoping to get lists from everyone that will be joining us for dinner and a few from close friends and far away family.

I’ll start with what I am most grateful for: First, I’m thankful for a husband who enables me to be the best mom I can be. Second, I’m thankful that I somehow stumbled into being a stay-at-home mom after more than a decade in public relations. (How could this NOT have been my dream for my life?!?!) And third, I’m thankful that this isn't a dream. I have an amazing husband and two incredible miracle children to share this life with. Add friends and family as icing and it's a pretty great life.

These are a few more things that I'm thankful for...,

* Jack-in-the-box drive-thru (comfort food)
* The Wiggles, HigglyTown Heroes and Little Einsteins & the extra few minutes they give me to get a few things done (or snooze)
* That Rachel's 'little' syndrome is so very little that its all but invisible
* The unconditional love of our dog, Ollie, for all of us
* The unconditional love of our foster cat for me
* Dave's willingness to do all the grocery shopping
* Dave's even tempered personality
* Giggles with the girls
* The wisdom of our three year old - "Mommy, Politics are NOT nice!"
* The miracles of modern medicine - giving us two beautiful healthy little girls & a healthy Marsha Cook
* The International Rescue Committee & all it's given to me and my kids (& they're thanking us, imagine!) (
* That the two fender benders we had this year dented nothing more than fenders

What are you thankful for?? I'd love to know....,

Monday, November 20

Out of the Mouths of Babes...,

On our way to the park and listening to the radio....,

"What are they talking about, Mommy?"
"Politics, honey."
"Mommy, politics is NOT nice!"
"Oh Alex. You are wise beyond your years!"

Friday, November 17

Sometimes Being Mom is Tough

It's tough when a childless friend says, "Do you ever just pull the car over and....?"
It's tough when a relative says, "When you're not around children very often you forget how much patience it takes."

I took both statements as....

"Are you saying my kids are out of control?"
"Are you saying I'm not a good mom?"
"Are you saying I have 'bad' kids?"
"What ARE you saying? Because I don't like what I'm hearing"

It's tough being a mom and being surrounded by family and so many friends who don't have any children. People who can't relate or try to understand. People that bring inexperience, unrealistic expectations, and unsolicited opinions.

It's tough when your parents who, after my little one fusses at the table, plays with her food and needs a quick time out (all developmentally appropriate for a 2 year-old who is minutes away from nap time) comment about how great THEIR kids were. How they "never had to be told twice" and "never really cried that much" or "never did this or the next thing." (When did we all grew out of being perfect little angles?)

Again ....,
"Are you saying my kids are out of control?"
"Are you saying I'm not a good mom?"
"Are you saying I have 'bad' kids?"
"What ARE you saying? Because I don't like what I'm hearing"

It's tough not reaching over and whacking them in head for being so stupid!!

Hey, BONEHEADS! I'm in the trenches - NOW, not 40 years ago (read blurred/romanticized memory). I'm around kids and parents every day. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly - in both parents and kids.

My kids are doing just fine - thank you. They are well behaved (as far as 'well-behaved' goes for a 2 & 3 year old) but not so seemingly well-behaved that I've crushed their spirit or scared them straight. No - my kids are OK. They're independent, curious, autonomous, loving little sentient beings. I love them for all of it - the good, the bad and the ugly. And as their mom, I can tell you there is much more 'good' than anything else.

Here's a tip. Think before you speak and every now and again maybe offer a compliment and/or realize that (given that you're not a parent or haven't parented a toddler in some 40+ years) maybe you're not an expert with all the answers. And maybe, just maybe, I know what I'm doing and I'm doing a pretty good job.

Pat yourself on the back while you're at it. One of the prefect kids that you raised has grown up and is now raising two pretty great kids of her own.

Tuesday, November 14

Woman, Wife, Mother...,

Not necessarily in that order. Not any one dimension more important than another - but each the most important at any given time - the sum of the parts that make up me. And how lucky I am that I get to be all of these things separately & together.

Saturday, November 11

The Sexiest Man...,

A massage offered to a weary wife, sore from a hard night of volleyball followed by a day at the Wild Animal Park with two energetic little girls, and tired from an annual flu shot earlier in the day. A massage - complete with candlelight and vanilla scented massage oil - rubbing away all the muscle pain and weariness.

Ahhhh. So nice and warm and loving.

And we made love - warm, tender, fantastic, orgasmic love.

He is sleeping now - peaceful and beautiful in the candlelight. He is truely the sexiest man alive! And I am the luckiest wife in the world.

Friday, November 3

Halloween is for kids

and this one was perfect. Alex and Rachel really understood the concept this year and were excited about dressing up and seeing all their friends dress up.

We decided that - instead of big birthday parties and all the associated issues we will host an annual Halloween Party. And this was the 1st Annual - it was great...., 17 kids, 24 adults, a bouncy, halloween bags to decorate, pumpkins to paint, games to play, face painting and a Pinata!