Monday, November 27

The Christmas Photos

The day was Black Friday and we were crazy enough to think that going to the mall for holiday photos on the busiest shopping day of the year was a good idea.

The night before I discovered that we didn't have the obligatory matching ivory colored tights for the girls. (Crisis!) This meant actually going into a kids clothing store to make a purchase BEFORE our 9:30 appointment. I know - you're thinking we must be CRAZY!! And, honestly, I was questioning our sanity a bit myself. Dave never said a word but I could see the fear on his face.

Well, we gave ourselves more than enough time - successfully avoiding a stressful, snappish morning. Surprisingly the line at Children's Place was just 2 deep and buying the tights was a breeze. I even had time to run into Nordy's for a quick make-up refresher (I love those girls at the Lancome counter!!)

The results???

Gotta love Picture People, the Santa at the Mall and especially those miracle workers at the Lancome counter.

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Orion_skie said...

Those pictures are great.