Wednesday, November 22

Giving Thanks

Wednesday, November 21, 2006

We’re hosting Thanksgiving for the second time and this year I'm starting a new tradition. Something that I hope will resonate with Rachel and Alex over time. We're putting together a list of some of the things that we’re grateful for and I'm going to put them into a Thanksgiving book that we can add to every year. I’m hoping to get lists from everyone that will be joining us for dinner and a few from close friends and far away family.

I’ll start with what I am most grateful for: First, I’m thankful for a husband who enables me to be the best mom I can be. Second, I’m thankful that I somehow stumbled into being a stay-at-home mom after more than a decade in public relations. (How could this NOT have been my dream for my life?!?!) And third, I’m thankful that this isn't a dream. I have an amazing husband and two incredible miracle children to share this life with. Add friends and family as icing and it's a pretty great life.

These are a few more things that I'm thankful for...,

* Jack-in-the-box drive-thru (comfort food)
* The Wiggles, HigglyTown Heroes and Little Einsteins & the extra few minutes they give me to get a few things done (or snooze)
* That Rachel's 'little' syndrome is so very little that its all but invisible
* The unconditional love of our dog, Ollie, for all of us
* The unconditional love of our foster cat for me
* Dave's willingness to do all the grocery shopping
* Dave's even tempered personality
* Giggles with the girls
* The wisdom of our three year old - "Mommy, Politics are NOT nice!"
* The miracles of modern medicine - giving us two beautiful healthy little girls & a healthy Marsha Cook
* The International Rescue Committee & all it's given to me and my kids (& they're thanking us, imagine!) (
* That the two fender benders we had this year dented nothing more than fenders

What are you thankful for?? I'd love to know....,

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