Sunday, June 22

Kidlet Quip



"Yes, Alex?"

"You know those bumps on your tongue?"


"They're taste bugs."

We burst out laughing and Alex just looked confused. "They're taste bugs," she insisted. "They're for tasting food."


Monday, June 16

A Father's Day Note


Sometimes you find the perfect card...,

"After all these years together as husband and wife, the most important thing I've learned is that love is a whole lot more than flowers and candlelight. (Though, flowers and candlelight are always nice.)

It's sticking together during those times when you're short on money, patience, and confidence.It's taking turns getting up with sick children, sacrificing something you want for something the family needs, and always being willing to listen.

We've been through a lot together and yet we've always emerged closer and stronger than before. I don't know if I could have made it through without you there by my side.

You're my lover and my friend, and no matter what life holds in store, I can handle it as long as I have you."

Happy Father's Day, with all my love,


Sunday, June 15

The Little Nest


Once upon a time there was a baby bird that hatched out of his egg when it was breakfast time. It all happened in the dark woods and the momma bird was not around.

And then a dark shadow came upon the bird. It was the owl and it was trying to eat the bird. But the owl couldn't eat the bird because a big swoop of wings covered the bird, and it was momma bird.

~ Story as told by Alex Hart (Her first) ~
~ Hand-written by Mommy ~
~ Typed by Alex Hart ~


Saturday, June 14

Preschool Graduation...,

Graduation Day...,

Alex was in her element. She loves to sing and perform in front of a crowd. She was so excited her head could have popped off right there in front of everyone!
So proud to receive her first diploma. She wants to frame it and hang it on the wall--just like mommy and daddy.

(Grammy & Grandpa Ace with Rachel and Auntie Jane)

And although Daddy was forced to miss the celebration, Alex had her own personal cheering section.

And, surprisingly, not a single tear was shed.


Thursday, June 12

Treading Water

Life is what's happening when you don't have time to blog, and that's been my life these past few weeks.

After the marathon and a small media "issue" on Monday, I set off on a "work trip" to San Jose. (NOTE: When a group of four has that much fun, I'm not sure it should really be called "work." Great team!) But following three days out of the office, I'll be playing catch up for the next five. It's strange how that works.

And this week, Dave is out on a week-long business trip. It couldn't be helped, but the timing couldn't have been worse. He's missing preschool graduation and the preschool Father's Day celebration. (I get to play Dad!!)

In the midst of all this, our Condo is undergoing a slew of repairs as we get ready to place a new tenant, and we're trying to plan our kitchen remodel. It's C.R.A.Z.Y!

But life does go on and, regardless of how hard I try to stop it, the girls continue to grow up. It's times like these when I look back and appreciate all the time I had when I was home with the girls. Before going back to work, life was a lot less harried.

It's sort of a sad situation. With mom staying home, we had all the time we needed for lessons and activities, but not enough money. With two incomes, we have the money, but not enough time.


Wednesday, June 11

Daddy Rocks-26.2 in 3:53

Was there ever any doubt?

Daddy rocks!! He shaved off almost one minute per mile, coming in at 3 hours 53 minutes!! And, although this year was smooth sailing for the girls and I, Daddy's run was rough.

The girls and I had a much easier time this year, with a little help from people around us who took pity on the poor mom trying to wrangle two small kids in the midst of the chaos. And, once I told the story of last year's "incident," (oh yes, I milked that little saga) two people we now call our Trolley Angels took us under their wing and conducted crowd control along the way.

The girls had a grand time, telling me again and again, "Mommy, there are a lot of people in 'Daddy's marathon.' " They're convinced this was all about Daddy and everyone else, well, there were just tagging along. (He is so clearly their hero.)

We were able to find Daddy at mile 9,

(Hi-fives for the girls)

Mile 21

And mile 23!!

He looked great each time we saw him, just a little more sweaty, and he was sooo happy the girls were there to cheer him on, "GO DADDY!!" "HURRAY DADDY!!" "DADDY ROCKS!!"

After the run was over, we went to the predetermined meeting place and waited. We made several calls to Daddy's voice mail and waited. When Dave finally called, I said, "Where are you?"

"In the medical tent," and the hair on the back of my neck stood up, I took a breath.

"Are you OK?"

"I am now. Can you come and get me?"

Apparently something happened early in the race and Dave got a stitch in his side at about mile 13. And, true to his character, he kept going, determined to achieve his goal of finishing under 4 hours. From that point forward, Dave said, the run was pretty miserable.

At the end of the marathon, his electrolytes were so low that he became fuzzy headed. He said his tongue felt swollen and he couldn't complete a thought, much less a sentence.

Dave knew he wasn't in any condition to come and find us, so he went to the medical tent. They threw salt in his mouth, told him to lie down and, after what seemed like an extraordinary amount of time, finally gave him liquid and a banana.

As he was lying there, his legs began to cramp up so severely he was cursing at the pain. By the time we arrived at the medical tent, the pain had begun to subside, but not entirely.

(That's a grimace, as Dave fights off the pain.
Rachel and Alex were more than
a little worried about Daddy at this point.)

Once the girls sat with him and hugged on him, and looked up at him with worry in their little eyes—Dave gathered up all he had left, pulled it together amazingly quickly, and was up, pretty much recovered. (Evidence of the healing power of children.)

Once he stood up and walked out of the medical tent...,

I knew he was 'OK.' I hugged him and shed a few salty tears, intently aware of how much I love him and can't imagine anything happening to him. And, at the same time, soooo proud.

He did it—in 3 hours and 53 minutes!!

The next day, other than being tired and amazingly hungry, Dave was back to normal. No extreme soreness or injury. He actually felt better, after the fact, than last year.

But he's done with Marathons. At least for now...,


Sunday, June 1

Smooth Beginnings


Is the second time a charm? Could be.

The drop was smooth sailing. From last year's experience, we learned NOT to follow directions and travel with the mob heading to the start. As locals, we found a better (READ: faster, stress free) route.

Dave's now at the starting line getting ready to embark on what I can only call insanity. We're home for a quick shower, breakfast and then off on our point-to-point adventure to find Daddy along the way.

Good luck Daddy!