Sunday, March 30

My Daughter's Hand


I took my daughter by the hand...
We raced to greet the sun...
I didn't sweep the porch today,
But I remembered how to run.

We traced the fence line by the lake
And watched the polliwogs...
Now she knows how tadpoles
Turn into happy frogs.

She reached her hands up to the sky,
A swallow fluttered by...
She flapped her tiny wings...
So sure that she could fly.

I didn't wash the dishes...
My bed, it went unmade.
But we saw some Easter Lilies
And we danced and sang and played.

She watched a pretty butterfly
Emerge from its cocoon...
My daughter's changing also
And growing all too soon.

You see, she is the butterfly...
A vibrant summer rose...
Her youth is such a fleeting thing.
Just like the wind that blows.

I didn't do the laundry...
I didn't sweep the floor,
Because my little girl needs me...
To Wonder...Dream...Explore.

I didn't clean the house today...
I didn't clear the chairs;
In twenty years, no one will
know or even care.

But I have helped my little girl
To a gracious woman grow.
In twenty years, the whole wide world
Will turn their heads and see, and know.


Saturday, March 29



Little Ala-boo at just 8 months old.


Wednesday, March 26

Just in Time

A long, productive day at the office and I thought I would be working late. But no and I got home just in time...
Just in time to make a raisin hat.
(yep, there are raisins in that hat!)

Just in time to make a kite - from scratch.

Just in time to find a fist full of feathers.

Just in time for fun in the tub and fresh warm towels.

Just in time for story time with Daddy.

And just in time to cuddle with my babies.

Today I found my balance - just in time.


Life is good with two little girls to love.


Tuesday, March 18

In His Own Words

Below is a link to the transcript of Senator Barack Obama's speech about race relations in today's world. The speech was given in response to, or at least prompted by, his pastor's incendiary rhetoric and the ensuing backlash. These are important words and, whether you agree or disagree with Obama, it's worth a read.

Tomorrow morning you'll turn on the TV, open the paper or your Internet browser and all the talking heads will be yammering on about the speech. Each side citing passages, likely out of context and then assigning some underlying, likely unintended, meaning to the text.

But you don't have to listen to them. You can take a few minutes and read what may be one of the most important speeches of our time. Don't let the talking heads, liberal or conservative, put words into your mouth and distorted views into your head.

Read this for yourself and make up your own mind. It's important. This man may very well be our next president!

And pass it on. Let's be as informed as possible by November 2008. An educated electorate is a more powerful force - regardless of which side of the fence you live.

Simply click on the underlined link below to read the speech in its entirety.

Or watch it on U-Tube by clicking on this link:

(OK - I'm stepping off my soap box now :-[ )


Sunday, March 16

To Catch a Lepechraun

The Hart clan is on its first annual Leprechaun Hunt.

Hmmm. What is a Leprechaun Hunt? And why would anyone want to hunt Leprechauns?

Well, first. A Leprechaun Hunt is just what it sounds like - we're trying to catch ourselves a Leprechaun. St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow and EVERYONE knows that March 17 is the best day to catch a Leprechaun.

And why? Because if you catch a Leprechaun he (yep. They're all boys - very strange. I've never heard of a girl Leprechaun. Nope. All male, and pretty sourly ones at that). Anyway, if you catch a Leprechaun, he has to grant you a wish! ANY wish! You see how your biggest wish is totally worth the hunt!? He can keep the gold - we'll take the wishes!

So, we looked all around the house and all around the yard, both front and back and we didn't see any signs of Leprechauns. We've 'heard stories' that most Leprechauns only come out at night after everyone's gone to bed - sooo...

We worked really hard...,

Rachel cut and colored four leaf clovers

Alex and I picked out special St. Patty's day stickers

Alex and Rachel designed the trap with special Leprechaun bait...,

Gold coins to appeal to Leprechaun greed
Green leaves because green is their favorite color
An old shoe, Leprechauns are rumored to be cobblers
And beer because, well, they are Irish!

Daddy set the trap and we were all set

All that hard work, a few green and gold ribbons, one big gold bow, and we had built the BEST little Leprechaun trap ever! Sure to catch even the craftiest little man.

The girls had a great time with this. Almost better than leaving Christmas cookies for Santa!


Saturday, March 15

Bubbles, Bubbles - Magic Bubbles



That's why they call it work


Things to do, meetings to attend, politics to play and faux intimacy all around.

I guess I've learned, again, that getting too close, or thinking you're closer than you are to the people that you work with isn't a good idea. In the end, others boundaries are usually broader than mine and others sense of loyalty is weaker than mine. Swimming upstream is tiring. I'm going to head for the shore and sit the rest of this one out.


Tuesday, March 4

Parenting Tip 101


One three year old + macaroni and cheese + juice + one BIG helping of popcorn = vomit.


And this after a long, stressful day at work and the realization that our home, with our two girls in my arms, is my own personal sanctuary.

The three of us sat on the couch watching a special showing of Jungle Book (a little treat while Daddy's out of town), as I watched Ray's face lit only by the light of the television in our darkened living room. The light bounced off her face and blond hair, and she seemed to almost glow. The funny little changes in her expression as she munched on popcorn and watched the movie were priceless.

Alex was on the other side of me snuggling so close I thought she might be trying to get back into the womb.

I breathed in their individual scents from the tops of their soft little heads. It was so serene. Home, safe and warm and loved by two people who will always love me - no matter what.

"Ahhh," heavy sigh. It was one of those 'this mom stuff is pretty great' moments.

and then....

vomit. All over my sanctuary.

Yep. Just another day in the life...