Tuesday, March 18

In His Own Words

Below is a link to the transcript of Senator Barack Obama's speech about race relations in today's world. The speech was given in response to, or at least prompted by, his pastor's incendiary rhetoric and the ensuing backlash. These are important words and, whether you agree or disagree with Obama, it's worth a read.

Tomorrow morning you'll turn on the TV, open the paper or your Internet browser and all the talking heads will be yammering on about the speech. Each side citing passages, likely out of context and then assigning some underlying, likely unintended, meaning to the text.

But you don't have to listen to them. You can take a few minutes and read what may be one of the most important speeches of our time. Don't let the talking heads, liberal or conservative, put words into your mouth and distorted views into your head.

Read this for yourself and make up your own mind. It's important. This man may very well be our next president!

And pass it on. Let's be as informed as possible by November 2008. An educated electorate is a more powerful force - regardless of which side of the fence you live.

Simply click on the underlined link below to read the speech in its entirety.


Or watch it on U-Tube by clicking on this link:


(OK - I'm stepping off my soap box now :-[ )


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