Saturday, October 18

Thursday, October 16

Things are starting to slip


OK. Now we're down to no kitchen, no living room or dining room, the play room is knee deep with wood flooring that is "acclimating" to our house, and there is more dust than you can imagine. Everything takes a little longer, and somethings are just not getting done at all.

This morning I rushed the kids out the door ten minutes late for school. As I pulled out of our subdivision, I looked back at the girls and shook my head as I realized I'd completely forgotten to brush Alex's hair.


Well, at least her shoes match.


Friday, October 10



What it was before...,

And the first stages of progress...,

(As you can see - we're trying to select paint colors. UGH!!)

Of course the girls wanted to help out too.

The cabinets are looking good...,

We did the templates for the granite a few days ago and Russo Granite and Marble created a custom edge detail for us. (Love them!)

Can you believe we're still aiming for this all to be together by Halloween?!? Yes - crazy, but it might just happen. We've got the GREATEST contractors EVER! (Dave Robbins Construction ROCKS!)


Wednesday, October 8

It's Magic


In the midst of all the chaos, what are you gonna do?

Let's go to Disney Land!!


Friday, October 3


Remodel begins...,

Day 1: Demo is complete - the kitchen and one wall is gone, and the fridge is in the living room. Mommy can't find her shoes and gets in an argument with the laundry. The laundry wins.

Day 2: Alex has an uncharacteristically large meltdown over what appears to be nothing. As I remember my losing argument with the laundry, I remind Daddy that we need to cut her a little slack too.

Day 3: Mommy gets a flat tire - because running over a nail was just what I needed. On the plus side - my work mates joined me for happy hour as I waited for road side assistance to come fix my flat.

Day 4: Disruptions abound. Mommy gets in an argument with a sippy cup. The sippy cup loses.

Day 5: It's all good. Still no kitchen, I haven't found my shoes or repaired the tire, but I've made peace with the laundry and the sippy cup, Alex is calm again, and we're at a good pace to finish by halloween.

Keep your fingers crossed and wish us sanity.