Sunday, March 16

To Catch a Lepechraun

The Hart clan is on its first annual Leprechaun Hunt.

Hmmm. What is a Leprechaun Hunt? And why would anyone want to hunt Leprechauns?

Well, first. A Leprechaun Hunt is just what it sounds like - we're trying to catch ourselves a Leprechaun. St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow and EVERYONE knows that March 17 is the best day to catch a Leprechaun.

And why? Because if you catch a Leprechaun he (yep. They're all boys - very strange. I've never heard of a girl Leprechaun. Nope. All male, and pretty sourly ones at that). Anyway, if you catch a Leprechaun, he has to grant you a wish! ANY wish! You see how your biggest wish is totally worth the hunt!? He can keep the gold - we'll take the wishes!

So, we looked all around the house and all around the yard, both front and back and we didn't see any signs of Leprechauns. We've 'heard stories' that most Leprechauns only come out at night after everyone's gone to bed - sooo...

We worked really hard...,

Rachel cut and colored four leaf clovers

Alex and I picked out special St. Patty's day stickers

Alex and Rachel designed the trap with special Leprechaun bait...,

Gold coins to appeal to Leprechaun greed
Green leaves because green is their favorite color
An old shoe, Leprechauns are rumored to be cobblers
And beer because, well, they are Irish!

Daddy set the trap and we were all set

All that hard work, a few green and gold ribbons, one big gold bow, and we had built the BEST little Leprechaun trap ever! Sure to catch even the craftiest little man.

The girls had a great time with this. Almost better than leaving Christmas cookies for Santa!


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