Tuesday, March 4

Parenting Tip 101


One three year old + macaroni and cheese + juice + one BIG helping of popcorn = vomit.


And this after a long, stressful day at work and the realization that our home, with our two girls in my arms, is my own personal sanctuary.

The three of us sat on the couch watching a special showing of Jungle Book (a little treat while Daddy's out of town), as I watched Ray's face lit only by the light of the television in our darkened living room. The light bounced off her face and blond hair, and she seemed to almost glow. The funny little changes in her expression as she munched on popcorn and watched the movie were priceless.

Alex was on the other side of me snuggling so close I thought she might be trying to get back into the womb.

I breathed in their individual scents from the tops of their soft little heads. It was so serene. Home, safe and warm and loved by two people who will always love me - no matter what.

"Ahhh," heavy sigh. It was one of those 'this mom stuff is pretty great' moments.

and then....

vomit. All over my sanctuary.

Yep. Just another day in the life...


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