Sunday, November 26

Just tired....,

AS a mom - or as a 41 year old mom - I am tired. DH has been on an extended period of long and hard work days, which means he doesn't have the time or energy left to give me a break. Nor should he - he is as tired as I am.

We've been spoiled. Dave has been spoiled with a job that - although challenging - doesn't typically require the amount of hours that similar paying jobs often do. And I'm spoiled because I have a husband who 'gets it.' One who appreciates that it can sometimes be tough to be home with the kids all day and that I need a little down time too. And - his job (typically) gives him the opportunity to be a real family man - give me breaks and be involved with his kids.

I love this about our life.

However, when we are forced to live like so many others - even for a short time - I get TIRED. Dave gets TIRED and we both long for a break. But with both of us needing a break there is no one left to carry the load during said break.


It's during these times that I gain a real appreciation for spouses whose partners work such long hours they aren't able to help and those with obtuse spouses who just don't get it. I am truly amazed by single parents, like my own mom. How in the world do they do it?? I'll bet they're tired 24/7.

OK - so I'll quit my whining and suck it up.


Just one more week and we'll be back to normal!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for realizing that you are blessed, and for understanding those of us that don't have it. dg