Monday, February 27

An excerpt....,

"She breathes and coos and folds herself into the warmth of breast and abdomen and I stroke her back. I nuzzle her downy head. I smell myself and her -- sweat, milk, sweet baby musk. There is Daddy, and there is sister, and soon there will be a whole wide world. But in the early morning dark it is just us -- I am only her mother and she is only my child, and as I gently brush my lips across her downy head I offer blessing and sanctification. May my kisses be with you always, may the peace of this moment sustain you for a lifetime, may any danger in your path come down mine instead. May this moment exist in your soul and your flesh for all eternity so that you will always know I am your mother and I am with you no matter where you are."

From a great blog called: Motherhood is not for wimps.

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