Monday, March 6

Melt Down - It's a Contest

Who will melt down more quickly? Mom or the three year-old?

Today is one of those days. A day that is filled with unceasing "I want....," fussing, whining, demanding, etc., etc. A day I contemplate duck tape :-).

Screaming from another room "MMMMOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!" Banging on the door of the office - where I've gone to hide and have my own time out before duck taping her to the wall - "MOMMMY! MY DRRIIINNK!! I WANT MY DRRIINNNKK!!!" BANG, BANG.

My pulse/blood pressure/adrenaline has increased with each subsequent demand. Ad the adult in this equation, I know its my responsibility to remain calm but on days like these, at times like this calm sounds like a tall order.


It has quieted down out there - I should probably go and check what's going on.

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