Monday, March 13

Precious Moments....,

One of the wonderful moments of motherhood is soothing my babies when they are sick or hurt and helping take the pain away. Tonight was one of those times. Rachel, sick with a cold and a fever, cuddled deep into my arms (was she actually trying to get back into the womb?). Finally she settled down, let out a tremendous sigh and fell asleep as I rocked her. It was an incredible moment of closeness with her. I actually cried - a bit overwhelmed with my love for my girls.

After holding Rachel until my arm went numb I finally put her in the crib and went in to check on Alex. She half awoke from what seemed to be a very deep sleep. She looked up at me as I tucked her in and, with droopy little sleep-filled eyes quitely said, "Mommy, I love you." And just as quickly, she was sound asleep again.

Curous George
The day Alex found the worm

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