Saturday, February 11


"Oh the things we can share....."

First - an entire large jar of vasoline
Second - self-tanning lotion
Third - a tube of Mommy's expensive lipstick

Alex found each one and 'shared' them with her sister. Sharing in Alex's world apparently means smearing all over your baby sister, who is thrilled with the attention of her older sister. Thankfully there was no lasting damage to Rachel, furniture or anything else of value. Though one pair of pajamas bit the dust and Rachel's self-tanning scars will last for at least a week of two. Funny - she now appears to have a birth mark on her right ankle.

You'd think that I would learn NOT too leave these two little explorers alone - but a mom has to take a minute (ok - five!) every now and again. They amaze (& amuse) me with what they can get into while I'm taking that minute or two. I don't get upset because these really are just innocent moments between sisters. They're sharing and playing together, which in my book is far better then bickering and badgering.

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