Tuesday, May 30

I'm the lucky one

All this time I've been fretting the loss of my career and identity. I've worried about money and our limits on attaining stuff. I've been completely focused on what these changes have 'cost' us as a family. I often times intermix how good these changes are for our kids - but never for me. I've looked at this as a net loss for me.


I get to spend this irreplaceable time with my kids. A time when Dave and I are the moon and the stars to them. The girls and I go on daily adventures. We go to the Zoo or the Wild Animal Park, Balboa Park or the Beach, Museums or playgrounds, we make play dough cookies or paint or glue baubles to colored paper to create artistic treasures, we go to an international preschool twice weekly (http://www.theirc.org), we visit grandma or have play dates with friends.

I don't have to get up in a rush, dressing my girls in a hurry as I throw a breakfast together and run off to drop the girls at day care and fight traffic to get to work.

No - I wake up slow (OK, slower than I'd like to admit really) enjoy a little alone time to shower and dress while the girls have a little morning TV. We then have breakfast together before heading off for our morning adventure. We're usually home for lunch and then nap time.

I'm blessed with two little girls who aren't prone to temper tantrums or constant sibling bickering so are days are pretty happy and easy.

My girls are happy. My husband is happy. And, surprise, I'm happy too.

I've realized I am the lucky one - WE are the lucky ones. We're happy. We have love and comfort and security and while more money might make give us a little more breathing room - the cost of making that money (me working full time, away from my kids) would represent too great a price for our family.

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