Sunday, June 25

Toddler Parties

More than 60 people at a party for twins reaching the milestone age of three! Yeah, sounds a little crazy but it was a really great party. Mom rented a big 'bouncy' for the kids and they all had a ball. I had met enough of the guests in the past that socializing was easy and the mood of the party was easy and fun.

The kids raked in a ton of loot. More than any two kids need really, but "They soooo wanted them."

And that's a good reason for anything to do with kids. (Note the sarcasm?)

I'm not sure about the reason for the big parties. Does it prove that your kids are popular? Does it prove that you are more popular? Does it prove that you love your kids more? Maybe none of the above. Maybe you just like throwing parties. Not sure - but, you know, after going to the twin's birthday party I think I'd like to have a party for Alex and Rachel and rent a Bouncy - the kids just LOVE it and it was great fun. I think I'd still nix the gift giving aspect. Hey, wait, maybe I'll set up a way to give $$$ to the IRC (International Rescue Commitee) instead of buying gifts. HMMM. Not sure - it sounds very 'Mommy Dearest.'

New idea - an annual party not tied to birthdays. One party for both girls - they'll invite their friends and no gifts will be required and we'll have just the one party for both girls. That would be fun. Now - we will still have the small family birthday parties for the girls. Just not a HUGE community party that delivers a deluge of battery operated plastic crap.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, I so get you on the "overdoing it" thing. At the same time, though, I've always thrown big parties for little kids. I think it's important to learn how to celebrate.

The "no gifts thing" is hard for me as a guest, though. I'm trying to teach my daughter gift-giving. We go to a store, we pick something out (she gets nothing) and we wrap and give. It's an important lesson for her and it actually makes me batty when people write "no gift, please" on the invitation.

I can't teach my kid to be rude, and it's rude to show up at a party without a present.

How's THAT for making it complicated??

Congrats on the blog, and good luck!