Friday, June 23

The Awe of it....,

This morning I surprised the girls with a trip to see Sesame Street Live - a performance of grand scale created just for kids.

Sesame Street is their favorite show and of course Elmo tops the list.

Grover, of course, is a close second.

The girls sat, munching on popcorn, transfixed...

...for the entire show as the bigger than life characters from Sesame Street came alive.

They were in awe of it. Mesmerized by the magic. And I was mesmerized by them. The sweet innocence of two little girls, sisters, experiencing this grand spectacle created just for them. No squirming, no impatience - just a look of wonder in their eyes and on their faces that was so honest. I hope they'll have many, many more experiences like this throughout their lives and that they get to experience that kind of wonderment even into adulthood. Maybe they will and if they have kids of their own I'm they will.

The chance to be a kid again and to see the world through a child's eyes is one of the greatest gifts of being a parent.

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