Saturday, April 5

Time Away


Four days away and there is no sign of any psychological trauma or that therapy is needed. We all survived. 'Thrived' in fact. Mommy with a little help from a friend and social lubricants (Mama loves her Vodka Mojitos. YUM. Good times.) And the girls made it through with a little help from Daddy.

It's all good and I'm glad to be home. The worst part, of course, was the last 2 1/2 hours, as the gods conspired to delay my arrival home. Misplaced luggage, a delayed parking shuttle van, and a bizarre little traffic jam; all made worse by my anticipation of getting home.

When I finally arrived, I found two of the most excited little girls that I've EVER seen. (Thanks daddy for going along, letting them stay up late and playing it up with them. I'll make sure you get a better reception the next time you arrive home from trip.)

They 'hid' from me when I walked in the door and then jumped out and screamed and giggled, "SURPRISE!!!" They were so proud of themselves for 'tricking' me and sooo excited that they were about to explode. Seriously, had they smiled any harder their little faces would have cracked. WOW - did I feel loved. (Thanks again Daddy - You really are the best!!)

We played, giggled, rolled around on the floor giving kisses and hugs. They each got a new doll and a few other goodies. (I know. Not a good precedent, but Daddy said they had been so good and this was their reward. At least that's how I rationalized it. No. These were not a guilt gifts. No. These were not "just because I left doesn't mean I don't love you or that my job is more important" gifts. Nope. These were "you were so good for daddy, here's your special treat" gifts. Rationalization, when done well, is such a good thing.)

A few stories, more hugs and kisses, and they were off to bed.

Life is good with two little girls (and their wonderful daddy) to love.


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