Thursday, April 10



So what do you do when your in a game of tug of war and you're not only the rope, but also the one tugging at both ends?
  • WOW! There is soo much opportunity out there to really dig in and grow my career.
  • WOW! I could decide tomorrow to stay home and raise my two incredible kids.
  • WOW! Agency life is somewhere, out there...
  • WOW! My girls are growing so fast. I sooo want to spend more time with them, experiencing and discovering the world.
  • WOW! In my current position I could...
  • WOW! Alex has been asked over for 'movie night' and can right an exact mirror image of Rachel's name - look at what I'm missing.
  • WOW! I could do this..., I could do that..., I could change direction a bit and focus here..., I could re-focus..., I could....,
OMG!! LIfe is sooo full of interesting choices. To work or not to work, to plow forward or lay back.

All of this is swarming around in my head, circling one word: Balance. It's so very cliché - something every one says they're looking for. But the choices we make determine how close we come to ever reaching anything even resembling 'balance.'

It does seem, at least in the short (mid?) run, that work will be a part of my picture. What I'm currently struggling with is how big a part it will be.

Money is a part of the equation, but not all of it. Doing something that makes a difference and contributes to the overall organization in a strategic, meaningful way—doing something that challenges and stimulates—is key. Now combine those two elements—money and job satisfaction—with the rest of the picture: great co-workers (got that), reasonable hours (got that, though I'd rather be part time and/or telecommuting), growth potential and a commute that is less than 30 minutes; and you've described my perfect job.

Not so unique...,


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