Wednesday, April 23

Dinner Conversation

A: "Mommy I want to tell you about my friends. They're invisible."

M: "Invisible?"

A: "Yeah. They're bears and they only come at night after everyone's asleep and only I can see them. No one else. Just me because their my secret friends."

R: "Do they roar like bears?"

A: "No. They're really quiet, almost like owls. They go in the garage and hunt mice, because that's what I tell them to do and they never come out when people are awake. Just me."

R: "I want to tell you about my invisible friends too. My invisible friends are tigers."


R: "No. Their quiet."

D: "Do they protect you?"

R: "No. They come in and dress themselves."

M: "In what?"

A: "Dresses and skirts."


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