Saturday, April 5

Tidbits o' Kidlets

hmmm. I hear singing...

"Yeah, ye-ah!
I'm a goo-ood girl and I lo-ove my-I job!
Yeah, ye-ah"

(music and lyrics by Alex Hart while going potty)


We're laughing out loud after suddenly realizing the irony of allowing our kids to consume fried fish, a corn dog and french fries for dinner - while simultaneously freaking out about Rachel opening a packet of artificial sugar as a side dish.

(an example of awesome parenting if ever there was one)


Blink, blurry-eyed blink - as my body was bolted awake with the sound of our three year-old shrieking in our bedroom doorway at 4:00 a.m. My mind was a little slower. I launched out of bed before I was fully awake, scooped her up and carried her back to bed. Still no idea of what was wrong.

Dave, apparently more awake than I was, translated the screeching, "She's had a bad dream. She thinks Alex disappeared down the toilet."

Ah. OK. "Sweetie, it's OK. Alex is fine. She's asleep in her bed." (Amazingly this was true - that girl can sleep through ANYTHING!)

"NO! She's gone. She went down the toilet," Ray-ray whimpered.

"Honey. No. I promise. She's OK. She's asleep in her bed."

"We need a new sister."

And, problem solved, Rachel quickly dosed off to sleep - with no memory of the entire incident. Dave, true to his laid back style, was also sound asleep again.

Meanwhile, blink, blink. I stared at the ceiling, still a bit jolted w/ no sign of sleep in my near future.


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