Friday, April 11

Conversing with Ray



“Babies are in your belly so they don’t get lost.”

“So they don’t get lost?”

“Yep, so they don't get lost and when they’re in the tummy we don’t eat because the babies get scared.”

“Scared of what?”

“Of all the food that people swallow.”

“And what does the mommy do if she gets hungry?”

“They don’t eat because the baby gets scared and they don’t get hungry. When the baby is born we feed him and the mommy can eat too.”

“Hmm. How do babies get in the tummy, Rachel?”

“No problem.”

“What? How do they get in the tummy?”

“No problem.”

“Do they start in the belly?”


“How do they get out?”

“They just push on the belly?”

“Who pushes on the belly, sweetie? The doctor?”

“The baby pushes on the tummy because he wants to get out.”


“The baby doesn’t like being in the tummy.”

“Why not?

“Because they want to be big girls.”

“They want to get out so they can be big girls?”

“Yeah, and they’re hungry.”


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