Tuesday, April 8

One of Those Days


How does it happen? Why does it happen? Does every child and pup have a little alter ego (we'll call lil’ satan) just waiting to get out? Just waiting for the briefest of lapses to escape and wreck havoc?

The first crisis of the night—killing the dog—was narrowly averted because we thought that a bloody canine carcas would scare the children. Oh yes, we were ready to kill that little four-legged monster after finding that Ziggy had climbed up on the DINING room table to 'mark' his territory while we were at work/school. UGH! (Death? No. Relocation? Very likely.)

We recovered surprisingly quickly. But, seriously, what the hell happened to this day? First the dog and then the girls...,

One minute the girls are painting Daddy's finger nails (oh - we'll get back that in a minute) and dancing to the Wiggles sound track with Mommy, and the next they simply lost their little minds w/ shrieks of emotional agony at having to go to bed.

What the ....? This is not our typical evening and you'd think they'd have learned that this does not fly with mommy. "Fussing doesn't change anything - good night girls." Door closes, shrieking continues for about 3 minutes and, finally, silence. ahhh.

But now, at the end of the evening, after a urine soaked dinner table, and two preschooler-sized meltdowns, Dave and I are DONE!

This photo is the only saving grace. Little Ray painting Daddy's nails. Don't you just have to smile? Gotta love him. And Daddy definitely loves his girls.

Gotta love that man.


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