Thursday, February 1

Monumental Occasions

The day you find out you're pregnant is a day that I don't think anyone ever forgets. We've experienced two of these monumental occasions. Both were extremely different. Almost as different as our two girls!

Baby #1 we new the instant of conception and were just waiting (begging, hoping, praying, making deals with God) that the fertility clinic would call and say the embryo had latched on and that we were in fact pregnant. When we got the call, "You're pregnant." I didn't trust it. "What are my numbers?" I asked with a fear that you can't know unless you've gone through previous unsuccessful fertility treatments. Well my numbers were off the charts and it was REAL this time. We were going to have a baby!

#2 was a SHOCKER! After an egg donor, IVF-child nothing prepared us for a natural conception. When my period was late we just assumed I was getting peri-menopausal and my cycle was a bit screwy. But after 3 weeks and just a week before going on vacation we decided to take a PG test. OK, admittedly so that I could drink while we were vacationing and “just to be sure.” But in our hearts we were sure. There was just NO WAY I could be PG. Not with my fertility history.

Well, we got the digital tests – none of that wondering if the color was blue enough for us (too many ovulation kit mysteries in our past). When the word ‘PREGNANT’ appeared in that little window neither DH or I could speak. Breathing was a little difficult too. We looked at the test, then at each other, then at the test, and again at each other. Overjoyed doesn't begin to describe it.


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