Friday, February 16

Potty Training..., In a weekend??

Well. Surprisingly. Yes.

We were amazingly successful with Alex (just one 3 day weekend) using this 'technique.' Which is to say that it's anybody's guess as to whether or not it'll work with Rachel.

The 'trick' is to talk it up - WAY UP - for a couple weeks in advance. Making the whole process of potty training seem like a great privilege for a little girl who's becoming a big girl. So for weeks we've been asking Rachel "Where do big girls go pee pee?" and "Where do big girls go poo?"

She gets soooo excited and screeches back, "ON THE POTTY!!"

A few days ago we let her know that this would be the big weekend. If you ask her now, "What are you doing this weekend, Rachel?" She'll shriek with unbridled big girl glee, "We're gonna to potty train me!!"

Today Daddy stayed home from work and the whole family went with Rachel to pick out her very own 'big girl potty' and special 'big girl panties.' We decorated the potty with Rachel's special stickers this afternoon ...,

(The Royal Throne)

... and tomorrow she'll get balloons for her potty. Once she’s had a bit of success she knows she’ll be able to call "Elmo" (Nadine in drag) to tell him all about her triumph and her cupcake treats.

So..., wish us luck. The 'training' part begins tomorrow. Once she wakes up - no more diapers.


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