Sunday, February 11

Crazy Days & Parties

Picture this...,

10 kids all under the age of 4 decorating white paper 'cookie bags' with paint, glue-on pom-poms, and stickers...,

(Noelle, Grammy, Chris and Mike helping the little artists with the work in progress)

(Rachel, one of the proud little artists)

(With Grammy's help, Rachel's was a 2-sided project)

(The artists' completed works)

... making and decorating cookies with six different colors of frosting and a crazy array of sprinkles and colored sugars...,

(Mommy and Alex mixin' up the dough)

(Daddy cuttin' out cookies & the kids frosting & sprinkling)


... pizza and yummy 'Zoo Cake'...,

... all in one very small house.

Makes for crazy days and happy birthday parties.

(OK - Not sure why Rachel decided today was the day to dress up like a bumble bee - but there she is. BZZZZ)


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