Friday, February 23

One Week of PT Progress....,

Day 1: No More Diapers – Hello Special Panties

Ray-Ray seems to vaguely understand the concept but doesn't really get that she should get to the potty before she starts going. At this point she's not sensing the need to pee until she's leaked a bit or dribbled or just plain peed down her legs. She does try to get to the potty but she's at least a little wet by the time the thought arrives.

We also figured out that the balloons and cupcakes were a bit over the top. We've gone back to the tiny treats (skittles and Mini M&Ms) for each (progressive) success. It's a bit less overwhelming.

An additional, unforeseen problem came up today. Alex, although excited about her sister's adventure, was acting out a bit. Being the usual epicenter of our household, she didn’t adjust to well to Rachel’s big day. So tomorrow Dave and I are adopting a divide and conquer strategy.


Day 2: Divide and Conquer & Stick to the Potty Plan

With Rachel still not 'getting it', Day 2 didn't start out too promising. At about 9:00 we embarked on the Divide and Conquer strategy and Alex and I left the house looking for our own adventures. This seemed to do the trick and just before lunch Rachel 'got it' and didn't have another accident all day.

Tomorrow we're hoping for more of the same without the need for a divide and conquer strategy. We're also planning on venturing out of the house to see if this concept is really sticking.

Wish us luck!


Day 3: Success!!

I can't believe it!! SUCCESS.

Rachel was 100% today!! No accidents - not a single dribble! No Divide and Conquer strategy necessary. We went shopping at Costco, lunched at Rubio’s and went to Block Buster to rent a movie. Rachel asked when she needed the potty and was able to wait until we made it to the restroom - which admittedly was much, much faster than usual.


Wish us luck for continued success.


Day 7....,

Progress continues and Ray-Ray is doing GREAT! We've had just 3 'accidents' since Sunday and we're giving her a "A+"

And one little note: We're pretty sure the Skittles are a big part of her success.


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