Tuesday, February 13

Imprinting Memories

There they are. Walking just 10 feet ahead of me, hand-in-hand, looking up into the sky, Alex's short hair bobbing along, as she and her Daddy count the stars.

It's a cloudy night and they only find three. One that might not be a star after all - but they're not quite sure...,

I try to take a mental picture. Alex in her light blue, bell bottom jeans and a purple fleece hoodie. Daddy in his work trousers and a grey dress shirt.

I try to burn this picture into my head - never wanting to lose these tiny little moments of innocence and the purity of childhood.

After dinner, I watch as Rachel walks along with her Daddy. She's teetering along in a pink plaid skirt with lace trim, a matching hoodie and a tan kitty sweater. She's holding the check and telling her Daddy she has 'the list.'

How can I hold each of these (hundreds, thousands, maybe millions) of these precious moments?

I know I can't hold them all. There are just tooo many. If we're lucky, it's the essence of those moments that will linger. An essence that will create a foundation for our girls that will carry them through the rougher, not so innocent days waiting for them somewhere, far away, in the distant (?) future.

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