Monday, January 29

Alex's Locks of Love...,

After 4 long years of beautiful brown locks with perfect golden highlights, it was finally time to cut Alex's hair. Today was the BIG day. And WOW! They cut off 10" - which is alot when you're only 36" tall.

We had talked to her about Locks of Love and how they would take her long locks and give them to another child who couldn't grow hair. She could grow it long again, we explained. But it would take a long time.

She was excited about helping another little kid who didn't have their own hair but we weren't really sure that she understood that meant her hair would have be cut. Short.

Dave was convinced that it would be harder on me than it would be on Alex. I wasn't quite so sure. But she was a trooper!

And lets not forget adorable little Rachel, whose hair grows at a snails pace. She got prettied too.


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debt_free said...

Casey - Your girls precious! Rachel looks like a little model! They are both just darling! How can you ever say no to them!!! :) Stephanie