Tuesday, August 19

There she goes...

The first day of kindergarten went off without a hitch. No tears, no whining or clinging - all smiles and excitement. But enough about me, Alex did great too!

We arrived early, camera in hand, and walked Alex onto school grounds.

She found her friends and off she went - whoo hoo! Play time!! Her first experience with recess was a BIG success, and Momma was reassured that she'd survive - at least that 1st day.

We took the obligatory 1st day pictures, cheered her on, kisses and hugs all around...,

and away she went, her 1st day of school...,

My little-big girl. Confident and strong.

A proud, happy sigh - heavy with nostalgia.

How did this happen? How did we get here soooo quickly, and how do I slow down the clock?


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