Monday, August 18

Mommy and Daddy Go To School


The night before Alex started kindergarten, Dave and I went to our first teacher/parent conference. A bit intimidating in that we had no idea what to expect, and, on some level, doubted our ability and/or knowledge about "what's best" when it comes to educating our children.

Looking around the room it was easy to pick out the first time parents—all so eager, sitting up straight, paying attention, punctuating the discussions with nervous laughter.

The veterans were all much more easy going—almost smug (ok—not true. I'm just envious at their apparent confidence that this will all work out and that our kids will survive and thrive).

We began to relax a bit as Miss Frobie explained her approach to teaching and the unique details of the kindergarten/1st grade combo class. That is until she put up the daily schedule—"that's too much, she's only five! She's my baby. And my baby is growing up—growing up beautiful." I was oozing with love and pride, and a little apprehension, for my little-big girl.

I turned around and looked at my husband. His eyes were moist and red, he was getting all choked up listening as the principal and kindergarten teacher laid out the schedule and the program for the coming year.

So proud, he was beaming.

God, I LOVE that man!

As much as I love my girls, I know he matches that bond in a visceral way and they are so blessed to have such a great daddy.

I 've heard that the most important relationship that a young girl can have is with her Daddy. If this is true—my girls are all set to rock the world.



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