Friday, August 15

An Appreciation of Minutia


Time is flying and my obsessions continue (children, hubby, new kitchen...,) but as time flies by I think I'm missing some of the minutia—the wonderful, funny, quirky little things that make life sooo rich.

Hmmm - not sure if I'm really missing them as much as I have so little time to write about them and then they become lost in the overall swirl of our busy, multi-dimensional lives.

Things like my Dad's visit to the girls' preschool several weeks ago. It was one of the cutest moments that I've ever witnessed involving my dad.

Visiting from Tuscon, he came with me to pick the girls up from school and was greeted with squeals and giggles as they jumped into his arms. All the preschoolers gathered round the day's celebrity—GRANDPA—as Alex announced, "He doesn't have any hair!"

This was followed by a serious discussion between my dad, the retired marine, and several 4 & 5 year olds about whether or not what is left on his head really counts as hair. It was all very serious and logical (READ: hysterically funny). Then Grandpa reached up to his head and touched his scalp. "OH, NO! Your right! I DON'T have any hair!! It was here this morning. Where did it go?"

An explosion of giggles and more hugs, as Alex and Rachel continued to show off their Grandpa to all of their friends.

Having kids has been so rewarding in so many ways. But what I never really expected was this new relationship with my dad that has evolved over the past several years. There is a side of him that I'd never experienced (and it's likely he'd say the same of me).

Somehow, being a mom has given me a dad.

Who knew?


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