Sunday, August 3

Let's try again...,

OK - Ziggy didn't quite work out. I'll skip the stories of the digging under the fence, chewing on everything and anything, bolting out anytime the front door was open, and peeing on the dining room table, and just say that after six months and several individual visits with a professional trainer, Ziggy was returned to Helen Woodward's Animal Shelter.

As hard as we tried, there wasn't anything we could do for Little Ziggy, and now we simply refer to him as "That damn little dog" each time we find yet another thing that he destroyed around the house.

Today, we brought home another little addition to the family. Smaller than Ziggy, easier to contain and less likely to create as much havoc on the household.

Meet "Tink."

She is a one-year old Cavie (Guinea Pig) from a local rescue. She is as sweet as can be and the girls love her.

Now if we can just keep Ollie from viewing our newest family member as a snack, this will work out great...,


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