Saturday, August 16

Interested in a Midnight Show...?


A sweet little chirp...,

"Mommy? Can I get up now?"


"Can I get up now?"

I roll over, feeling amazingly tired. Morning already? Looking at the clock I see it's 44 minutes after the hour. Hmmph. One minute early - I guess I can give it to them.

"Okay sweetie, let's go." I put my head into their bedroom and call, "Alex, do you want to come watch TV with Rachel?"

"No, I'll wait till I get up."

That's odd, I think. But, okay. And I stumble down the hall with Rachel, soooo tired, turn on the TV and turn around to find that Alex has changed her mind about watching TV. She sits down with Rachel, as I stumble back to bed hoping to hit the snooze button for 10 more minutes of blissful sleep before facing the day.

Looking at the digital alarm clock, I see that it reads 1:47. Weird. It should read 5:47.

Still groggy, I guess the power must have gone out last night. I turn to the other night stand and it reads the same time. Weird.

Still not cluing in, I reason that of course both clocks would be wrong if the power had gone out.

UH? Wait.

And then, as the fog slowly lifts, I figure it out.

If the power had gone out the clocks would be flashing 12:00 and this second clock is one of those atomic clocks that set's itself. Wait.

And it hits me! It's actually 1:47 IN THE MORNING!! WHAT??

Out again to the living room to round up the girls. Who, because just three minutes ago mommy said they could watch television, are now upset and fussing (never pleasant - but horrendous at 1:47 a.m.).

Back to bed I lead them as I explain that the middle of the night is not time to get up, not TV time, and that mommy was very confused and STILL ASLEEP. It's not nice to confuse mommy.

And back to my pillow, laughing at myself all the while. Ahhhh -- and I have hours of peaceful sleep before my alarm goes off, as scheduled, at 5:45 a.m.


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