Friday, January 16

Vomit Can Be Funny


"Hello, this is Casey."

"Hi Casey. This is Carrie from preschool. Rachel's sick."

"OK - I'm on my way."

Quick. Pack up the office and jump in the car. Once I'm on the road I call the school and chat with Rachel, letting her know that I'm on my way, and Miss Donna explains what happened:

She was sitting at the art table with all the other kids working on her art project, and she started clearing her throat. I asked her if she needed a drink, but she didn't answer. She did it again, and again, I offered her a drink.

And then ....,

"BBBLLEEHH, BLEH, BBLEEHH,"She threw up all over the art table.

Now imagine 12 little four year olds. "EEEWWWW!! EEEWWW! BARF! GROSS! BARF! EEWW! RACHEL BARFED--ALL OVER EVERYTHING! EEEWWW! GROSS!" and lurching in all directions away from the table as Rachel sits there smiling and feeling fine.


Is it wrong that I think this is hysterical!


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