Tuesday, January 20

On The Eve of History


How can I explain to my girls what this day means to our country? To the world?

Transformative. A big word for a 4 and 5 year old.

Hope. Trust. Dare to dream. Dare to believe.

When Alex and Rachel are grown can I dare to dream that race, sexual preferences, gender and what the first lady is wearing will no longer be issues - but vague memories of more trivial times?



We're on the edge. On the cusp of what this country can be-what it was meant to be. A time when the words of our founding fathers (All men [and women] are created equal) have become a reality-something we've come to take for granted.

This is what I hope for you, and for your future.

I wish for you a time when the color of your skin, the person you love, or your genitals don't determine your place in society.

I wish for you a time when the love of money doesn't override our compassion and care for our fellow man or our planet.

I wish for you a husband like your dad and a life filled with the love and giggles you've given to us.

Today may be the beginning of a renewed commitment to the vision of our country. With all that I have, I hope that what we do today, as a country, delivers to you a future filled with hope, opportunity and love.


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