Friday, January 9

Birthday-Simple. Sweet.

A mom's birthday couldn't have started out better.

Peeking into my little one's room, I find she's still asleep and it's getting late.

"Sweetie? Honey, it's time to get up. Are you sleepin' with your monkey, Honey? It's time to get up," I whisper, as I stroke her face and hair.

She stirs a bit and opens her eyes just a little. Two little slits showing just a bit of blue. The fog clears and she gives me the biggest, sleepiest grin I've ever seen.

"Mommy," she breathes and reaches out to hug my neck.

The best start to any birthday in all of my 44 years.

My friends at work were great too. Treating me to special little surprises, a wonderfully off-key round of "Happy Birthday," and a tasty, tasty lunch.

And special cards, calls and notes from family and friends (old and new), a surprise visit from Gama Amy, and presents too. Dinner with my favorite three people in the world...
Alex, Ray and DH of course.

Just a wonderfully simple day that made me feel great. It was just what a birthday should be- one of those days when you realize how blessed you are to have such great people in your life.


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