Thursday, February 21

Snip, Snip


"Hello, Casey?"


"This is Miss Melissa."


It's Rachel's beloved teacher from Preschool, and I can hear it in her voice. Something is wrong. I stop, all senses alert. What's wrong? Are my kids OK? Is someone sick? Hurt?

"Hi Miss Melissa. What's up?" Trying to act casual, unfazed by the obvious tension in her voice.

And, when she told me, when she finally got it all out, as horrified as she seemed to be, I had to laugh. "Well, it's not a finger or anything. It'll grow back. But with poor little Rachel that's going to take a while."

Yep, Ray-Ray and her little friend played beauty shop at school today. Snip, snip with little kid craft scissors.

And this isn't the first time...



Sarah V said...
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Sarah V said...

Oh my goodness! Yep, it will grow! Hannah did the same thing a couple of years ago! We had a sitter here and she decided she wanted a bob. The poor sitter called me in tears. It actually ended up being a very cute cut and thanks to the sitter I never saw the mullett. :) So where's the picture of when Alex did it? :)