Friday, February 1

February 1, 2007

"Good morning Sweetie. Happy birthday."

"Am I five? Right now?" she says in an excited, sleepy little voice as she snuggles in next to me for our morning cuddles. Daddy's taking his shower.

"Yep. Right now."

"Hmmm," as she snuggles in against my neck.

Little Rachel joins us minutes later. It's not often that I get to cuddle with them both in the morning. Rachel likes to sleep as long as possible.

"It's Alex's birthday. Can you tell her Happy Birthday?"

"Happ.... something inaudible," as Ray climbs in and immediately falls back into to a deep, breathy sleep.

And Momma smiles.

When Daddy comes back into the room to get dressed - Alex gets up, looks in the mirror and says, to no one in particular, "I don't look five."


Why do we love Starbucks? Well like most of you, it's usually the coffee, lattes and hot cocoa, not to mention those yummy pastries. But today - I fell in love all over again.

After learning it was Alex's birthday, the barista launched into an impromptu serenade of Happy Birthday and everyone in the place joined him. It was loud, off key and GREAT! She loved it. What a way to start your birthday!


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