Wednesday, November 28

Giving Thanks...

Oh – what a difference a year makes. So many things change and so many things stay the same.

Last year we started a family Thanksgiving tradition of making our lists of the things we are thankful for. A lot of what was on my list last year remains on my list this year—and probably always will. But there have been some pretty big changes too.

This year my focus is still on my girls and Dave—with a greater appreciation of the time that we have together. Stealing extra time wherever we can to cuddle and laugh and play. Now that I’m working and the girls are in school, our time together is more precious than ever.

I also have a much greater appreciation for Dave and all that he’s done during the past five years to support our family—financially and emotionally (you know, that crazy wife of his. Oh, wait. That’s me.)

I was always clear about the challenges of being a stay-at-home-mom, but didn’t understand, until now, what it means to be a working parent. And one who wants to be involved, and not outsource childrearing duties. (How in the world can we possibly cram all that love into the fraction of time that we, now both working parents, spend with our kids?) And my appreciation is all that much greater because he never asks for recognition. Thanks Dave for all you’ve done and continue to do.

My 2008 list of things I’m grateful for:

* Options, 2nd chances, and (relatively) smooth transitions
* The freedom to choose my own path and change my mind along the way
* The support of my husband, especially when I change my mind along the way
* Bedtime cuddles with Rachel
* Early morning cuddles with Alex
* The Little Country Preschool
* Giggles with my girls
* Dave—who still does way more than his fair share
* The unconditional love of our dog, Ollie
* The strong, protective relationship between Rachel and Alex
* Rachel’s little girl voice and the way she says “Daddy Duuude”
* Alex’s ability to make friends with anyone and her independent, leader-type personality (this child is NOT a follower)
* That Rachel’s hearing impairment isn’t an impairment
* That we’ve faced so (relatively) few challenges with our kids
* That both our girls are bright, socially adept, kind little girls—but are also just tough enough
* A few, stolen, quiet minutes alone – more than that and I get a little antsy
* Babysitters
* 2nd paychecks

What are you thankful for?? I'd love to know....,

(Click here to see last year’s list)


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Stefurs! said...

Great blog post Casey. Loved it. You always were such a great writer. you look like such a fun mom too!
Stephanie Ramirez