Saturday, September 29

What a week!

OK - so we knew that my returning to work after 5+ years would be an enormous adjustment. But, seriously, this week was NUTS!! Aside from the expected adjustments and normal disruptions, we were hit with several unanticipated anomalies that sent us into a bit of tailspin.

The Summary:
  • A fender bender and insurance fraud,
  • a once-in-a-decade crisis at the office,
  • two very sick kids,
  • and a trip to the emergency room.
The Details:

First, I BUMPED into another car's fender at the end of my very 1st day on the job. This wouldn't have been so bad had the other driver not decided to commit insurance fraud and claim that my little bump caused almost $2,000 damage to her bumper and trunk lid! So now I'm in the middle of an investigation with HER insurance company on my side of things. (Ooohhh - she's in trouble!)

The next crisis was work related. K was in the midst of a major PR/member issue involving media, the law, and the public. Because I'm new I did little more than observe from the sidelines. It got a little nuts and my first week was anything but normal as my boss and the executives worked to address the issues, deal with the media and potential legal issues. It was an impressive show of team work and tenacity that, in the end, paid off.

& most important and worrisome of all. My babies. Both Rachel and Alex came down with a VERY nasty cold. Dave stayed home with Ray-Ray on Tuesday and 1/2 day on Friday. But Saturday night I found myself rushing off to the emergency room with our youngest. She was alternating between the chills and fevers as high as 104.7. It was a long and scary night. Diagnosis? Rachel had developed a minor case of pneumonia and Alex 'suffered' with a raging ear infection. (I swear that child has no nerve endings in her ears!)

Well - both girls are on the mend and life is starting to return to "normal." Whatever that is. We're hoping for, and looking forward to settling into a new routine - one that is lot less intense than this past week.


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