Wednesday, September 26

Mommy's Angel

There are little things that happen in my life as a mom that make my heart swell with pride, and days when I'd swear that I have a guardian angel who gives me a little pat on the back when I need it most. Yesterday was one of those days.

After a very rough start to the day, I decided to take Alex out for a little one-on-one, special Mommy time. She was THRILLED! There is nothing grander for my oldest than 100% Mommy time. No divisions of attention with her little sister, Daddy, the computer, the phone or anything else. Just Alex and Mommy.

We went to dinner and she got to order 'anything' she wanted, play cards with Mommy while we waited for food, and share a bit from Mommy's plate before going to Starbucks for a desert of hot cocoa and a last game of Fish.

During dinner a grandfatherly man stopped by our table as he was leaving the restaurant. He looked at Alex and told her, "I love to see little girls who are such good little girls and act so nice for their mommy."

"May I give her a dollar?" he said as he handed her a bill. Her grin stretched from ear to ear as we both thanked him.

WOW! I hugged her and loved her up with so much pride I thought I'd burst.

But my guardian angel must have been watching this morning as Alex and I struggled with the enormous change in our lives. She must have known that I was struggling with what it means to be a 'good mom' and a 'working' mom simultaneously. Could I really be both??

Just as we were getting up to leave, a woman about my age walked over to our table and handed me a note. Smiling, she said, "This is for you," and walked away.

"Uh?" and I opened the note.

Teary eyed, I gave Alex a huge hug. Confident that being a working mom and a good mom aren't mutually exclusive.

Thanks Guardian Angel. You always seem to know exactly what I need.


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