Wednesday, September 19

36 Hours Turns into 18...,

Our camping trip started out like most - a long drive, too much time setting up and getting settled in, followed by dinner and the traditional (and super yummy) smores ritual.

(So yummy!)

And this next photo may give you some idea about why our camping trip was cut short. Mommy and Daddy didn't sleep too well.

(Lucky Mom had custody of the camera .
So the only evidence is this photo of DH.)

The girls, on the other hand, slept pretty soundly in between Rachel's random disturbances.

And after Rachel continually jolted us out of sleep throughout the night, Alex awoke at her usual 6(!#&%*#)AM. Bright eyed and raring to go while our little sweet Rachel just kept on sleeping.

(If she weren't so cute I would have been tempted to ring her little neck.)

Instead, we decided to pack it up and try again another day when mommy and Daddy were a little more rested (read: patient).


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