Sunday, August 12

Wondering Where We've Been??

Daily Swimming Lessons - sooo much fun.
Alex mastering the back-float.

Not sure how much 'learning' is actually going on here,
little Rachel is having a ball.

Alex is really giving this her all!

Too, Too Cute!!

To the zoo where we ALWAYS see something new.

– A Mother's Love –
A constant across the animal kingdom.

An adolescent wondering what we're all staring at.

And the job search is on. I'm currently knee deep in the interview process for my target job as a Communications Specialist. I'm down to the final four with a writing project due on Friday. My final interview is scheduled for Friday at 9:30 a.m. So - lots of reviewing resources, strategies and tactics, practicing interviewing techniques and writing in the week ahead. Wish me luck. It's really the perfect position for me - a solid match.

Oh, yes and more swimming lessons. My two little fish are having a ball.


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