Thursday, August 23

Back in the Game


Well, less than 2 months ago I decided it was time to return to the world of suits, commutes, deadlines and take out lunches. Yes - back to the world of work.

And I did it! In less then 8 weeks, and after 5 years off(!), I landed the first position I went after!! WOOOWHOOO! A great little boost for my ego and confidence as I put myself back in the game.

BIG hugs to Dave, Deanna, Julia, Nadine and everyone who supported me and cheered me on through this process. It was a bit stressful at times, and you were all so great in helping me reach this goal. One that, at times, seemed a bit unreachable.

I'll be returning to work as a Communications Specialist for a large, national company. I'm excited, a little nervous and confident about the future - all at the same time.

The girls are in a great new school that they love, we'll be getting a BIG increase in the family income, plus additional benefits. How cool is that? And, I get to work with really cool people at a really cool company. SOOOO excited!

I'll be starting on Monday, September 10. I even know what I'm going to wear my first day. I'm going to wear my new grey suit. So chic.

Soooo excited.


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